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“What do I want for the money I invest in my training and preparation for my acting career?”

“What do I need to achieve, to learn, to accomplish, to develop, to know as an actor?”

Make a wise investment in your future. Experience LFR and see for yourself: I invite you to audit a three-hour Rohrering Success Acting Workshop free of charge. During the audit, you will be encouraged to work: cold read, present a monologue, or participate in our varied activities. As you study, participate, practice, play, explore, and discover the transforming power of this workshop, you and others may also begin finding answers to your questions.

I developed and coach LFR, a teaching method that empowers actors to grow and mature their core strengths, most notably the intangible, invisible strengths of courage, honesty, extra sensory capacity, acceptance and forgiveness.

LFR recognizes and utilizes many approaches, including:

. Keep an open mind as new ideas and creativity enter and flow through the body.

. Take on thoughtful challenges; create positive change.

. Try new things with enthusiasm!

. Learn from fear: work with it, move through it, move beyond it, let it teach you, too.

. Accept change, honor bedrock.

. Strengthen intangible, invisible, and invaluable assets such as courage, honesty, acceptance, forgiveness, and extra-sensory capacities.

Participating in “Listen, Feel, Respond” enables you to work toward your goals in a way that’s uniquely yours, at a pace that’s right for you, with incentive to grow beyond your initial goals and discover new ones, moving ever forward.  Take a step forward now.

Call me today at (303) 688-5027 to arrange your FREE three-hour audit.


Workshops are held every Tuesday in Denver, and every Monday in Colorado Springs.

Audits are offered every First and Third week of each month.


I look forward to meeting and working with you.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Paul Neal Rohrer, Denver Coach, Founder- LFR, RS Workshops     Steve Austin, Colorado Springs Coach

“Listen, Feel, Respond”      (303) 688-5027       Locations: LSI, Denver & Cottonwood Center, Colorado Springs

READ: Acting On Camera: A Workbook for Actors    available at AMAZON.

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8-Points Workshop Sept. 23 & 24

Frustration in your career can be beneficial if you team up with it to create opportunity. Opportunity created out of frustration (coupled with a smart daily action plan) often ignites a career. Career elevation occurs through seeking new and useful avenues to create your “uniquity.” Uniquity is a term used by Paul Rohrer when he describes the…

Peak Film Forum

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Students select their choice material. i.e.Commercial, Industrial, Scene work (whatever.) Students choosing scene work will need to select a partner(s). Week 1 is COLD READ TECHNIQUE. Week 2 is AUDITION TECHNIQUE. Week 3 is INTERVIEW. Week 4 is CALLBACK & PERFORMANCE.

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