Heal Quickly Steve

Before I start my . . . Wait, I have started. Anyhow, Have you ever searched for “Steve Austin” on Facebook? I did. Guess who came up first? Yep, you know. You did it too. “Stone Cold – Steve Austin”. Well, that is NOT who I was looking for. (LONG STORY about that Steve Austin. Ask me sometime) And yes, it has to do with a truly remarkable woman.

So, now I can start my first Post to my first twenty-first century designed website. And yes, You just seemed to read a sentence written in the department of redundancy department. (There’s a first.)

MONDAY, January 25, I look forward to subbing for the great Steve Austin. . . (no! not that Steve Austin!. . . Keep up!) My awesome Partner in the Colorado Springs area, THAT Steve. The Six Million Dollar Man, just had his bionic shoulder implanted. He will be out recuperating under the most wonderful care of his most incredible wife and nurse, Dana.

That’s all the news that fit to print as of this moment. Or at least all of the news I wish to share. We are all thinking of you, Steve and want you back in the classroom and screen A.S.A.P.

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