Rohrering Success

Rohrering Success Acting Workshop



Littleton Workshops are held Tuesdays from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.    

Colorado Springs are Tuesday’s 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

AUDITS: An introductory workshop is offered FREE at no cost or obligation.

Here is a Map to the workshop location.  MAP TO THE LITTLETON WORKSHOP   MAP TO CO. SP. WORKSHOP

Arriving “on-time” is considered “late.”  DO arrive 5-10 minutes before 6:00 pm.  If you arrive later, or are unsettled at 6pm, you are late.  On occasion you will have reason to be late.  As soon as you know, CALL  or TEXT – Paul Rohrer (303) 688-5027 ALL MESSAGES ARE RECEIVED.

FEES: Workshops are $150.00 per month.    NO PRO-RATES.* DUE ON OR BEFORE THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH. For Actors attending Littleton Workshops, Checks are to be made to: ROHRERING SUCCESS, LLC.  P.O. Box 91 Castle Rock, CO. 80104-0091.

LATE FEES: If payment is NOT RECEIVED on or before the 10th of each month due, a $15.00 late fee will be assessed.        NO EXCEPTIONS.

REFUNDS: Workshop fees are non-refundable.    HOWEVER – If a student is hired for a job or other industry-related reason, Credits will be agreed upon.   Individual classes are NOT pro-rated. (*EXCEPT for 1st month when starting.)

MAKE-UP SESSIONS: If you are absent due to WORK, you may schedule a 30-minute private make-up session (ONLY) within 30 days of the missed workshop. Make up dates cannot be re-scheduled or saved.  If highways are open, so is workshop, so get good snow tires.

HONOR SYSTEM:  Paul honors your word as you honor his.  It is Paul’s opinion that HONOR is more important than a contract agreement.  By agreeing to enroll, you agree to pay (minimum) $450.00 for the initial 3 months (payable month to month).  You also agree give a TWO WEEK NOTICE for month-long (or more) absences.

PLEASE consider this agreement BEFORE joining the workshop.

GETTING WORK:  Paul is not an agent, nor does he represent any one agency. Paul is a coach, NOT a teacher and CANNOT guarantee any work or financial gain from your having participated in his avocational program.

On occasion, Paul will refer students upon request from directors and producers he knows. However, Paul takes no fees or commissions for this action. If you choose me as your coach, I am available by email or telephone (303) 688-5027 or scheduled meetings 5 or more days per week; (not just workshop time.) Your success and pursuit of success is my greatest reward.

LOCATION: RSI (Restaurant Solutions, Inc.)  1101 West Mineral Avenue, Littleton, Colorado 80122.   FREE PARKING in lot.


Photo by Rebecca Kelly 2015