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Paul Neal Rohrer – Actor, Director, Producer, Coach

Paul teaching an acting class
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Acting Workshops

Coaching actors, casting directors, producers and writers for careers in the motion picture industry since 1986. Acting classes are offered year round on a weekly basis. Free introductory classes are held regularly.

Paul teaching a class Paul teaching a class

Paul’s Guide to Acting

Listen, Feel, Respond (LFR)

Paul’s foundational book, Acting on Camera, lays out his modern method for rapid-preparation, on-camera acting. In contrast to classic preparation methodologies, this book teaches actors how to prepare for both their role and the demands of the industry in a compressed time-frame.

Paul acting Paul acting

Examples and Demos

Paul has been acting for over 40 years and continues to be called in by major studios and industry leaders. We’ve collected a number of clips for you to enjoy.

Latest News & Events

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Rick Ramage

Writer, Producer, Director
“I’ve known Paul personally and professionally for many years. He is truly one of the good guys. He’s immensely talented, professional, and he knows his craft inside-out. 
The fact that he’s willing to share his many talents with others is like a gift. (If you have a chance, be sure you take advantage of the opportunity to learn from one of the very best.)”   Rick Ramage

Naomi Grossman

a.k.a. PEPPER – American Horror Story 19 episodes

“Paul’s passion for acting and teaching is infectious.  I caught the bug from him early on, only to learn (25 years later) that it’s incurable!  Among the many things he taught me (like how to act, for one), was the old axiom originally coined by Cervantes:  ‘The Road is better than the Inn.’  I’ve been lucky enough to stay a night or two at the Inn recently, and can vouch for its validity.  Moreover, under no circumstances would I be where I am (be it at the Inn, or on the Road to the next one) if it weren’t for the last 25 years with Paul as my mentor.”

Laurel Harris

Actor – Writer – Producer
Paul Rohrer is one of those rare finds in this industry….someone who walks their talk, speaks compassionately from experience, and genuinely cares about his students’ success, while maintaining the utmost professionalism in everything he does.  Paul’s obvious love for this industry is infectious and he works tirelessly to not only promote it, but to raise the bar for future generations to aspire to.  He’s an absolute gem to know, work with, and study from.  If you find yourself lucky enough to do one of those three, consider buying a lottery ticket immediately!  Truly, Paul is one of a kind and I recommend him highly to anyone looking to study with a wise, veteran actor, or to add a consummate professional to their project.
Laurel Harris
Actor – Writer – Producer

Dan Lauria

Actor – Writer – Director

I’ve worked with many actors over the years that have studied with Paul in his three-step process. I have been impressed with their honest connection to script and character. I encourage anyone serious about acting to read his book and study with Paul.   – Dan Lauria

Zen Gesner

Actor – Producer

”Finding an acting coach that will challenge you to achieve your  goals is important. Finding a coach that instructs from their own successful and personal experiences who cares about yours, is even more important.”              –   Zen Gesner

Peter DeAnello

Having worked professionally for over 35 years in the Entertainment Industry, 15 of those as a former agency owner, I’ve worked with many acting teachers/coaches and on-camera talent.  Paul Rohrer, his instructional technique, and his students have always led that list.

A teaching/nurturing legacy like that is only produced through talent, a tested and proven instructional program and undying dedication and love for his students.  Paul is a proven teacher who draws out the best of his student’s talents while feeding their passion and building confidence in their inspiration and abilities.  It has been a pleasure through the years to watch the loyalty and support from former students as they return to honor his instruction and heartfelt support.    Peter DeAnello

Bob Garner

Former Writer/ Producer/ Director …. over 30 years .,..CBS Television Network & The Walt Disney Company. . … Los Angeles.

I’ve known Paul for many years and have experienced & observed his talent workshops and special classes firsthand on multiple occasions. Sometimes I’ve participated as a guest speaker for his groups. Whenever and HOWever I’ve been involved with Paul’s endeavors, I’ve come away inspired and impressed  with his teaching skills , professional yet patient approach and genuine caring heart for his participants and students.  He is, for sure, the real deal and, if anyone is fortunate enough to have Paul Rohrer as an instructor and mentor…   he or she is fortunate indeed!

Sean Kearney

Paul Rohrer is like the hero in an epic fantasy: a wise, fearless and wildly creative professional who inspires others to rise to face any challenge. I’m excited every time I get the opportunity to work with him and am always better each time I do. If you get the chance to see him work his magic, you’ll be a believer too! If you find yourself struggling to choose between talent and professionalism, pick Paul!

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