Paul’s Demos

Founder of the Roaring Success Workshops 1986, Paul is recognized by successful leaders of the film and television industry.  Richard Dreyfuss, Chris Cooper, Tony Barr, Lynn Stalmaster, Marvin Paige, Mike Fenton, Dabney Coleman and Ben Vereen (see above) are just a few of the industry’s luminaries with whom Paul has worked. 

A few of the former graduates include Naomi Grossman, Sarah Sweet, Anna Sophia Robb and Caitlin McCarthy.

More recently, Rosalie Joseph and Dan Lauria have come to work with the Write to Act program and in the new film directed by Peter DeAnello, When Angels Fear.

Rohrer’s experience includes Hosting the Roaring Success Radio Hour, training Law Enforcement in Crisis Intervention, producing and Reading Audio Books and voicing commercials, industrials and broadcast programming.

Listen, Feel, Respond An Actor’s Workbook, has been published by Players Press, Inc. but has recently gone out of business. His first edition Listen, Feel, Respond is available on  OR  Request an electronic copy for a suggested $15 donation.

Paul coaches acting for the camera every Tuesday evening. To get your first class at NO COST or obligation, E Mail him now at  

Paul in Silver City


  • SILVER CITY Produced and Directed by John Sayles,  
  • SKILLS LIKE THIS Directed by Monty Miranda, 
  • ICHABOD Directed & Written by Rick Ramage,  
  • SILENT CHILD Directed & Written by Lam Nguyen, 
  • CHADDERS WILD WEST ADVENTURES Directed by David Priest,  
  • FIFTY BUCKS Directed & Written by Jeff Nicholson, 
  • LITTLE BEAR & THE MASTER Directed by Fred Dresch

Demo Reels


Directed by Don Rase of Walk the Line Films.


Blackjack Pizza, Triple Crown Casino, Castle Rock Radio, Viaero Wireless and Kia.

Mad Money Imitation

Paul’s Jim Cramer/MAD MONEY imitation for Delta Dental

Don Masters Office Stadium Anthems

SCL Health Demo

HOUSE Trailer

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