Finding an acting coach that will challenge you to achieve your  goals is important. Finding a coach that instructs from their own successful and personal experiences who cares about yours, is even more important.”    Zen Gesner


“Paul’s passion for acting and teaching is infectious.  I caught the bug from him early on, only to learn (25 years later) that it’s incurable!  Among the many things he taught me (like how to act, for one), was the old axiom originally coined by Cervantes:  ‘The Road is better than the Inn.’  I’ve been lucky enough to stay a night or two at the Inn recently, and can vouch for its validity.  Moreover, under no circumstances would I be where I am (be it at the Inn, or on the Road to the next one) if it weren’t for the last 25 years with Paul as my mentor.”

-Naomi Grossman a.k.a. PEPPER – American Horror Story S.3 & S.4




“Tonight Paul asked me where I wanted to be in 5-10 years. And for the first time, I actually had an answer. I knew what I wanted to use those years to accomplish. I realized that it was no longer the technical aspects that I needed to improve on. I just needed the experience and to really develop my listening skill. I realized that I need to listen with all of my senses, and really allow it to impact me. The listen feel respond model improved my acting during a one-shot continuous scene recently. Thanks to that lecture, I now clearly know that I want to spend those years gaining experience from smaller productions, cultivating the fundamental skills, and then apply them to professional shoots when I’m ready. It’s this focusing of priorities that will dramatically affect the way I approach acting, and I have Paul to thank.”

-Jake Kotula HR/Director of Film – Consilium Media Company, LLC

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